Our PHP Framework Installer was made to help you to integrate entire PHP frameworks for your web site, with absolutely no configuration required from you. You no longer need to look for the most current variant of a framework for your projects and spend hours on downloading it as well as setting it up. Now you have every instrument accessible to you right inside your Hosting Control Panel, supplied in a user–friendly and uncomplicated interface.

Various frameworks on hand

Initiate your online undertaking by using a framework

When using the PHP Framework Installer built–into the Christian Web Hosting Professionals Hosting Control Panel, it is also possible to incorporate various PHP frameworks, each of them providing a special number of capabilities and uses: CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, Zend, Prado, Zoop, and PHPDevShell.

Each PHP framework is modernized to the latest stable version and its installation requires simply no setup in any way.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework integration

Your PHP framework is only a mouse click away

The PHP Framework Installer is intended to allow for you to start your internet ventures very easy. Within the tool you will find incorporated Christian Web Hosting Professionals’s instant installation technology that gives you an option to type in your requirements and start the integration process with only a click of the mouse.

You can now set up a PHP framework with a mouse click. All you need to do is decide on where to integrate on the server. Our smart tool will do the configuration task for you, to aid you to begin using your framework without delay.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click backup

The quickest solution to back up a framework

Provided that you manage critical business information, you ought to always maintain a backup of everything, specifically when there are a number of modifications made. Through the PHP Framework Installer, you can make a backup of your framework with merely a mouse click. The system is going to produce the backup file and afterwards upload it inside your account. We’ve not established any restriction on the quantity of backups you may create or for the period when you are able create them.

Apart from the manual backups that you create, in addition we run smart backups for your sites all the time. This way, we offer a well designed and also risk–free backup solution for all your business project data.

1-click backup