A dynamic, professionally-looking Internet site, that offers lots of features, is far more likely to get visitors compared with a simple static one. A number of script applications exist for creating such an Internet site and the easiest way to employ a script is if your Internet hosting company provides you with a handy installation tool. In this way, instead of spending time and efforts to set up an application, it'll take you several clicks and a few minutes to get the script up and running. Usually all you have to do is to select the domain address and the script, then enter an admin username and password and you are set. The main benefit of using this type of a tool is the fact that its scripts are already properly configured to run on a particular hosting server, so you'll not need to worry about changing any script or account settings to match some specific requirements.
1-click Applications Installer in Hosting
If you select any of our hosting packages, you'll receive access to our custom 1-click script installer, which comes with over 50 applications. You are able to set up any sort of site that you would like - a discussion board, an image gallery, an online social network or an online store. You can employ as many copies of a particular script and as many scripts, as you would like. For instance, you could have an e-commerce site under your domain name and a discussion board under a subdomain so as to provide your customers with means to discuss your products. The installer is going to be available through your website hosting CP for free and using it is as easy as picking a script and a domain, then simply clicking the Install button. Our system will perform the rest, so a couple of minutes later you will be able to log in to the script’s administration area and start customizing your new site.